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Through Talent Collection’s coaching programs professionals learn how to apply coaching skills on a day-to-day basis in the workplace, both with others and, equally important, with themselves. 

Our extensive range of coaching instruments are applied in relation to a wide range of business challenges including strategy, performance and culture frameworks, communications, personal effectiveness and leadership behavior and capabilities.

Coaching is one of the broad and sophisticated methodologies for developing leadership skills; it has great potential to better facilitate the kind of positive organizational change that can result in more productive and engaging workplace environments. Good coaching enhances goal attainment and increases well-being (Grant, 2003).

Also, leadership coaching has been shown to be effective for increasing employee confidence in expressing their own ideas; research findings in a systematic review demonstrate that coaching can help reduce stress in the workplace.

Business Conversation

Due to the exponential rise of positive psychology, strengths-based coaching gains extensive ground as a preferred methodology for individuals and organizations, so it is the very first option we present to our clients. Nevertheless, the well-known traditional instruments following an established coaching model (e.g., wheel of life, GROW or CLEAR, goal-oriented process for developing identified learning gaps) still remain actual, popular and get applied nowadays in a variety of fields. 

While all coaching approaches are likely to achieve positive development outcomes, we offer to our clients numerous coaching options and a team of highly educated and experienced coaches to collaborate with, encouraging a diligent process of selection for a winning solution fitting particular business needs and leading to greatest benefits.

Team Talk

“A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.”

John Wooden

Leadership and executive coaching

Our clients do mostly solicit us in leadership coaching for managers, team leaders and high-potentials who want to develop and advance their leadership skills. But they also ask exclusive coaching service to their executives in roles as CEOs, Senior Executives or Heads of Organizations looking for guidance through difficult leadership challenges.

As a result of an executive or leadership coaching program, coachees may increase their ability to influence, take on new teams, conduct organizational change and mainly improve their leadership presence.

Team Coaching

We help teams to improve their interpersonal communication and enhance their performance; either long-standing teams (with need to refresh their dynamics and find innovative ways to produce better results) or new teams (in big need to quickly establish communication bridges and find cohesion), their collective coaching not only clarify roles and utilize all talents within the team but also develop an authentic, respectful team spirit.

Engage with us for more details on the coaching programs we may deploy successfully for you.

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