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At Talent Collection we have a special, unique team of enthusiast experts, trainers and consultants who are specialized in designing and delivering customized solutions and memorable experiences in various organizations and industries.  


Our extended team of consultants is constantly growing around one thing that all share as a common value: the passion for human development!


After working thousands of hours in countless of great organizations, our consultants observed that - far away from the usually small percentage of what it’s commonly defined as “talent” - there is a huge amount of skills, knowledge and  the priceless right attitude among “unseen” employees, ready to perform. Our team’ commitment is to discover and boost these ‘mysterious’ skills and capabilities that may transform any common employee in an outstanding talent.

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Vasilica Ionita

Passion for People growth and business excellence.

Over 20 years of professional experience in Finance and HR, a sponsor or global program lead for finance, business operations and HR initiatives - talent & performance management, succession planning, coaching & mentoring, corporate social responsibility, employees’ engagement, business transformation, clients / workforce voice.

Vasi believes in the power of teams connected through trust -  "A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is people who trust each other." - Simon Sinek

Keith Parker

Passion for learning and getting people to ask questions.

Summary of relevant experience: 20+years of training and a background in sales both B2B and B2C; L&D delivery on three continents, twenty plus countries to all levels from C level to team lead in all areas of Communication, Coaching and Team Cohesion, extreme team building, Presentation, public speaking  to virtual training, either local or global programs.    

Keith believes that you must develop a thirst for information:  “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to never stop questioning ”  - Albert Einstein​

Vlad Glaveanu.jpg
Vlad Glaveanu

Passion for topics related to creativity, learning, technology, collaboration, migration, and culture.

Social scientist, international expert and educator trained at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK.

Currently Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Psychology at Webster University Geneva, Director of the Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation and Associate Professor II at the Centre for the Science of Learning and Technology, University of Bergen. Founder and President of the Possibility Studies Network.

Fascinated by how we discover and make the most of possibilities in education, in business, and in life, Vlad believes that “in diversity there is beauty, and there is strength.” - Maya Angelou

Alexandra Babii.jpg
Alexandra Babii

Passion for communication and conveying clear messages.

Soon to be finishing Ph.D. in Communication Sciences, Alexandra has experience in Social Media Marketing, content writing, event planning, PR strategy implementation, teaching and training and has an excellent connection to the academic world. Alexandra loves communication at all levels, she was born to create meaningful content and is fascinated by words' effect and their magic to connect people. She equally helps in organizing different projects for humanitarian causes and in supporting youngsters in extracurricular activities.

Alexandra believes that no matter the context, people communicate with people, which is both amazing and challenging. „A problem well put (communicated) is half solved.” - John Dewey

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